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CITIFAX offers both warrantied compatible or OEM toner and ink cartridges, drums, and maintenance kits for most brands of printers (HP, Canon, Lexmark, etc).  All of our warrantied compatibles meet or exceed the specifications of the OEM brand, but they provide you with BIG savings over the cost of OEM products, up to 50% or more !

Whether you want OEM products or want to enjoy BIG savings on our warrantued compatibles, just tell us what products you are looking for, and we will immediately provide you with a guaranteed quote.

For example, below is the great savings we offer on our compatible HP M651 toner cartridge. 

Just use this simple form to tell us what products you need, and we will immediately get back to you with a guaranteed price quote, with which you will also enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50, available next-day delivery if you require it, AND get our exclusive "50% Off" . . .

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